Excerpts From the Kennebec River...

The Kennebec River flows 170 miles from Moosehead Lake down to the coast of Maine through Merrymeeting Bay, past Bath Iron Works and eventually empties into the Atlantic near Popham Beach State Park.

*     *     *  

The name "Kennebec" comes from Abenaki, meaning "large body of still water"  — but the section of river we raft is anything but still. Our trip covers an 11 mile stretch beginning below Harris Station Dam (the largest in Maine) and ending in a town called The Forks where the Dead River ends as it meets the Kennebec - hence the town named after the fork created by the two rivers.
This section of river is considered Class IV which means there are powerful rapids with large, unavoidable waves and hazardous whitewater. These waves and rapids are powerful enough to flip a raft resulting in long and extremely challenging swims.
Chilly as it was, a few brave souls swam in the pools above the falls while a few of us sat below a cascade and enjoyed an invigorating whitewater massage! 

All in all, we were blessed to have beautiful, sunny weather on yet another thrilling, safe, and fun rafting adventure!

*     *     *