One of the therapeutic components of adventure is the way it connects us to the present moment and therein resides our power to simply be who we are in that moment. When we are in the moment, we are focused on the here and now which creates an opportunity to experience our true-selves and express our identity with a multitude of possibilities for change & growth. I find this exhilarating.
Rod Nadeau, Ph.D.

Our Approach

Therapeutic adventures such as rock & ice climbing, kayaking, winter backpacking, rafting, and teambuilding on the ropes course can accelerate the process of growth and change in key areas including self-efficacy, resiliency, responsibility, and motivation. Although therapeutic adventures have inherent curative power, integration and transfer of this growth into the student's everyday life is crucial for lasting change.

Our adventure-based counselor, Dr. Rod Nadeau, helps students achieve lasting change by facilitating positive experiences during adventures and helping students reflect on their adventure. Through narrative adventure therapy, Dr. Nadeau fosters metacognition by helping students think about their thinking, thereby increasing self-awareness and creating connections to other aspects of their lives. For example, Dr. Nadeau will help a student reflect on their successful ice-climbing adventure, identify the thought process he/she went through, and use this experience as a metaphor to overcome challenges in the classroom which ultimately may improve school performance. When traditional talk therapy has been tried and found to be ineffective, narrative adventure therapy offers a different approach rich with possibilities for adolescents to learn and develop. Challenging outdoor adventures are an exciting opportunity for students to learn, grow and develop! 

Our Adventures