C U L I N A R Y A R T S & G A R D E N I N G


        At the Katahdin Program, nutrition education is kind of a big deal. For many of our students, healthy fresh fruits and vegetables might not always be readily available. That's why we believe that teaching our students how to grow, prepare and integrate healthy foods into their everyday diets is one of the most important life skills we can teach them.

        For this, we are fortunate to have access to a three-season hoop house near our school, which also provides greens and other vegetables that directly supplement our lunch program. In addition to providing food for students during school hours, surplus produce from our garden is also sent home to families. We are currently seeking to take our show on the road by creating a farm stand from which to sell our vegetables, flowers and seedlings to the community.

        Beginning in 2017, The Katahdin Program will partner with Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District to mitigate erosion on Panther Pond in areas that have already been identified.  This is a grant funded project that also includes the Boy Scouts of America and Camp Hinds.  We are also working with the Panther Pond Association to do water quality testing and education.

Are you interested in volunteering in any of our gardening initiatives? If so, please contact Christine Caputo at (207) 650-2281.