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The Katahdin Program exists to illustrate to its students that they are the most powerful change agents in their own lives. The Katahdin Program is a small, integrated community that is bound together through the values of kindness, respect, responsibility, safety, and integrity.

Utilizing the classroom, the outdoors and the greater community, the Katahdin Program provides alternative education programming for students, grades 9-12.

Our program recognizes that all learners have strengths assets, and interests. We work to leverage these strengths and assets in all that we do. We believe that every individual is an important part of our learning community. We strive to foster meaningful relationships among our students and staff, through which we are able to provide relevant, individualized, standards-based programming for each individual student.


Students enrolled in the Katahdin Program will develop the capacity to think critically and act consciously when facing life’s opportunities and challenges.  Our students will know what it means to exist in a community where all are respected and valued for their unique contributions and voice. Our graduates will carry with them the capacity to move into the future with confidence, compassion for others, and a lived template for change.